Taylor B.

I love Ms. Elizabeth. In brevity, that is the most powerful thing I can say. I was shaped from a young age to be responsible, independent, and self-sufficient. I love my parents, and they give me the world, but my personal growth and success can partially be credited to Ms. Elizabeth. Along with instilling personal values and traits that are rare, such as patience, she has seen my equestrian success as well. She has taken my riding to the ability of competing in three national championships for eventing and three regional dressage championships at second level. She has taught me determination, work ethic, gratitude, and acceptance. There is no way to summarize my going-on 15 years with her in due respect. We have had our share of experiences. I am lucky enough to say that there isn’t a better coach on the planet.

Kelsey K.

Elizabeth Wallace has been one of the most influential people in my riding career. She is extremely patient in her teaching with horse and rider alike. She sees the potential in each of her clients and knows how to push people into achievements they never thought possible in such a manner that does not cause discouragement. One of my biggest praises of Elizabeth is her ability to read a horse and rider pair. She is bold for those who are confident and patient with those who are nervous. She does whatever it takes to encourage a strong base, quite unlike other trainers who take shortcuts in order to be “show-ready” faster. Elizabeth holds a wealth of knowledge from her past experiences in the horse industry and she uses those experiences to help her clients understands tasks and ideas at hand. Her hands on and visual demonstrations provided during her lessons are exceptional. I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough whether you wish to send horses to her for training or wish to have a lesson yourself. You should expect to put in hard work, but the return you’ll receive is amazing. I am much closer to my horses now and I can absolutely see large improvements in my riding and my horses handling from my experiences with Elizabeth. 

Yve D.

     In 2014 I moved here from Washington State with my husband and kids. I had two warmblood mares at the time, one of which I had been competing at novice eventing, the other was a yearling. I was hoping to find a trainer experienced in dressage and eventing so that I could move my mare up to training level and improve my dressage scores. I came across The Fox’s Den tack store and Fox Run Farm. 

     When I first met Elizabeth, I was thrilled to learn of her background in eventing and dressage. I started taking dressage and jumping lessons from Elizabeth and within no time, was competing in training level eventing and recognized dressage shows. With Elizabeth’s help, my mare and I qualified and competed at regional championships with a top 20 finish during our first year of competing in dressage.
    Elizabeth is a great coach and gave me and my mare lots of confidence in the warm up ring at the shows. I hadn’t competed at many recognized dressage shows before moving to KY and it is so great having an experienced person like Elizabeth there helping me out and getting us ready to give our best.  She also taught me how to double lunge and that has become one of the most valuable training tools I use now on horses of all ages and levels of training. 

     I highly recommend Elizabeth as a trainer, she is patient, very good at explaining things, and excellent at helping horses and riders communicate and learn. 

Lynn A.

I first became acquainted with Elizabeth Wallace more than a decade ago when she was recommended as having the ability to help difficult horses. She has worked with two of my horses with positive outcomes for each of them. Having had individual instruction with her, I can state emphatically that she is an amazing instructor. Her focus on a strong foundation for both horse and rider, makes advancing with skills smooth and stress free. Elizabeth is a very technical instructor. She is adept at laying out the use of aids. She also goes a step farther with her instruction by explaining how aids and rider error impact the horse physically and mentally. She empowers each rider by developing the skill set necessary to help each horse become a willing and happy partner. 

Jill W.

 Life stage: “It’s my turn to ride”! And as an older beginner, I’m so over the moon excited to have a trainer that keeps pushing me and at the same time instills confidence. I didn’t know if I could ride like this—and she has me doing things I only dreamed of.  I’m a “why” kind of person, and she explains things until I understand the dynamics of what my horse needs to build and grow, and what I need as well. I’m so thankful for excellent, healthy, classical instruction both in the saddle and double lunging. From the youngest to the oldest riders, Elizabeth’s positive, encouraging instruction meets us where we are and propels us forward! 

Bonnie P.


Teaching Adults is Different

     Teaching riding to adults is more difficult and frustrating for some coaches to teach good riding skills. Adults come with preconceived notions, are hyper-critical of themselves and analyze each and every move and word.  

      Elizabeth Wallace is an unusual teacher in that she can rephrase something so that those light bulb moments happen more often than not.

      I’ve been studying under her for a number of years and I’m your typical adult with family, career and lifestyle concerns. I am also severely Attention Deficit. With Elizabeth at the helm, I learn my lessons quickly. If I don’t understand something, she finds another way to explain it simply, and in a way that it breaks through my distraction and I correct and understand. Her patience is unlimited and she has great empathy for those of us who do not get it the first time.
    She never raises her voice, stops and considers and then explains it with different words and examples. It satisfies my need to analyze and get my lesson moving again.

      I highly recommend her teaching and videos for the advanced and beginner horse person because she makes sense. 

Pam B.

Elizabeth Wallace whom is recognized in many communities with great recommendations as the best riding instructor to call or go to however .....  for me she is a Coach that goes deeper than an instructor.   She has a way of being a life coach as well as coaching me in the saddle or out of the saddle. The horse world has many aspects and many disciplines and Elizabeth has a   deep passion and technique that is able to recognize what we are needing before we do with bringing communication and respect and to share the love with the horse to make us a better rider and horse owner.  I am thankful our paths have crossed.

Hanna S.

Elizabeth is a compassionate and loving trainer/teacher. She doesn’t just teach her students about the basics of riding; she also teaches us how we can excel and grow in our passion for horses. Elizabeth taught me how important it is to bond and understand horses. She’s kind, patient, and understanding. I have been riding for my whole life and I have learned more not only about how to be a better rider. she taught me how important it is to not only to have a greater understanding of myself but of my horse/horses I ride as well. Elizabeth opened my eyes and showed me another way  to respect, train and better understand horses. 

Jen M.


Words cannot describe how amazing Elizabeth is and how grateful I am for her. I started working with Elizabeth because I really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go with my mare, and she was recommended to me by many different people. What those people failed to tell me was that she isn’t only a very knowledgeable instructor, but she is a kind, empathetic, and loving person as well. She helped me identify goals for both my horse and myself. Most importantly, she has helped me gain a new level of confidence and motivation to better my mare and myself in so many different ways. Elizabeth has a way to identify our flaws and help us correct them in ways I have never seen before. I have seen such drastic improvement in my riding and my mare’s knowledge in just the few short months we have been together. It has made me realize that Elizabeth is more than a teacher or coach to me. The one word that consistently comes to mind is “family.” 

Linda L.

 Elizabeth is wonderful! I have searched high and low for someone to show my daughter everything she needs to know about horsemanship. She was only 4 when she started and it was like she had been there for years. Thank you SO much for fostering this love we have for horses. 

June B.

Our daughter, Taylor, started riding with Elizabeth when she was around 8. She attended Elizabeth's Pony camps each summer, never wanting to leave and come home! Elizabeth was not only a great instructor but an excellent mentor. Taylor had a lesson every week rain or shine. We were very lucky Taylor and Elizabeth clicked. Thru the years Taylor competed at various levels in various states, Elizabeth went with. Elizabeth coached Taylor to several championships, AEC and Pony Club for Eventing and Dressage. Elizabeth is still a close family friend and we are very lucky to have found her!