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Elizabeth and Hello Stranger at the Radnor International 3-Day Event


News and Announcements

Adult Camp 2013
Adult Camp is back!  We all remember how much fun we had at our Fox Run Farm Adult Camps so we are going to have it again!  Instructors will be Pam Bullington and Elizabeth Wallace.  There will be lots of instruction and learning and camaraderie and fun so plan to join us.  Camp is built around our attendees so whether you ride dressage, like to jump, compete or just ride for fun this camp can be for you.  The entry form is listed under CAMPS & CLINICS above.  We only have room for 10, so get your registration in early. If you have questions, you can call Elizabeth at 270-498-9890.  Treat yourself to a weekend of fun!

Upcoming Events

Oktoberfest Dressage 2012
Oktoberfest Dressage 2012 is scheduled for October 27th.  To get the prize list and entry form, click on the drop down box above SHOWS and they are listed there.  We are looking forward to a fun show and great competition so get your entries in early!

Fall Calender 2012
Here is the calendar for Fall 2012....

Local Cadiz Weather/Forecast
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There will be a FRRIENDS meeting on Sunday, October 7th, at 6:00 p.m. at Fox Run Farm.  We will be going over the fall activities and planning for Oktoberfest as well as a possible Hunter Pace and Pony Camp Reunion.  Soup will will be served for supper; if you want to bring a dish to add you, can and if not, no worries!  Thiis is the same day as the Pam Bullington Clinic so it will be a good chance to ride and/or audit as well as plan for the fall.  Hope to see you all there - you don't have to be a FRRIENDS member to join in the fun!

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