Online Horse Shows


A Real Horse Show!

Fox Run Farm Online Horse Shows give riders from all walks of life the chance to compete without ever leaving home!  Whether you are just starting to show, have difficulty getting to a show for various reasons or shows make you or your horse a bit anxious, at an online horse show you still have a chance to compete!

For the July 11th, 2020 Fox Run Farm Online Horse Showbill click here. 

How does it work?

You will send a video in by the closing date and it will be judged by a qualified judge who will give you scores and comments.  You can enter as many classes as you wish.  Each ride will be judged and scores tallied to determine winners in each classes.  The results will be posted online.  You will receive your test in the mail along with your ribbon if you have earned a placing.  Winning videos of each class will be posted online. 

What types of classes will be offered?

All levels of dressage classes will be offered to include classical,  western and gaited dressage.  The dressage tests can be found here.  

What are the requirements?

All tests need to be ridden in a small (20 x 40 m) or standard (20 x 60 m) ring.  Any type of ring is fine as long as the size is correct and letters are correct.  To find dressage tests click here and to find the dressage rings and their dimensions click here.  

You will need to ride in clean, appropriate attire (show attire is not required), heeled boots and an approved helmet.   Videos should be filmed from the letter C so you can be seen entering the ring head on and everyone will be judged from the same angle. 

What is the date of the Online Horse Show?

July 11, 2020.  Closing date July 8, 2020.  Entries must be postmarked by the closing date. 

What if I have questions about the show or how to enter?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Elizabeth by phone or text at 270.498.9890.