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Fox Run Farm is a Dressage and Eventing facility located in Cadiz, Kentucky. Owned and managed by Elizabeth Wallace, services include instruction, coaching,  competing, sales & purchasing.  Fox Run Farm features a 10 stall barn, 60' by 120' covered arena, 20 acres of turn-out, a dressage arena, stadium and cross country jumps and a friendly atmosphere that caters to students. 

Dressage and jumping shows are held twice a year and we also host hunter paces, clinics, and adult and youth riding camps.  


Our Instructors

 Instruction is offered by Fox Run Farm owner Elizabeth Wallace.  We are also proud to host clinics with Canadian Dressage Champion Pam Bullington.   

A Fox Run Farm we promote classical riding and positive learning. Our goal is to help create happy horses and happy riders!

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Elizabeth Wallace - Fox Run Farm Owner


My Story

I own and manage Fox Run Farm in Cadiz, Kentucky, a dressage and eventing facility.  I designed and built Fox Run Farm, which was established in 1986.  I instruct, teach clinics, train, compete and enjoy buying and selling horses for riders and owners.  It is my hope that Fox Run Farm gives my students and others the opportunity to love horses and riding and as much joy as the sports of Dressage and 3-Day Eventing have given  me. 

I grew up in Michigan, riding and competing in local shows, both western, english and jumping.  I moved to Kentucky to attend college and graduated from Murray State University.  While attending Murray State, I competed on the Intercollegiate riding team in Stock Seat, Hunt Seat and Over Fences.  I later returned to graduate school where I taught in the Equine Science program and coached the Intercollegiate Riding Team. It was also during my college years that I discovered my true passion in life, Eventing.  Not having been exposed to Eventing or Dressage as a teen, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the World Championships in Eventing at the newly constructed Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky in 1978.  It was then that I fell in love with 3-Day Eventing.

After attending college and purchasing my first Event prospect, a gray Quarter Horse named 'The Gray,' I was blessed to meet and begin riding with classical German dressage instructor, Ed Rothkranz.  Ed rode international open jumpers in Germany as a young man and later moved to Canada where he competed on the Canadian Olympic Dressage Team.  Weekly trips to Rhineland Stud to ride with Ed provided an opportunity to ride FEI level horses and develop a love and respect for dressage during the same time I was on fire with Eventing.  

After riding and competing at the lower levels on my own, I finally found High Meadows Farm in Vienna, Illinois where upper level eventer Alexandra "Po" Tatham and her family ran an eventing facility that offered event competition through the Intermediate level.  Another stroke of luck found international eventer Ralph Hill stationed at the facility for a while and that was the beginning of many years of fine eventing instruction and coaching. 

After a succession of making horses that took me through Preliminary Horse Trials, I found my partner, Hello Stranger, when he was 10 years old and retired from steeplechasing and flat racing.  With the tutelage of Ed in dressage and Ralph and Po in eventing, Stranger and I rode through the ranks of the Event world.  Stranger was a dressage project at best to begin with but he had the "Look of Eagles" and a jump to match.  Our first 3-Day Event was at the Kentucky Horse Park where we placed 15th in the Preliminary 1 Star.  Upon realizing that Stranger really could jump the moon, we set our sights on the Radnor Intermediate 2 Star.  After successful Intermediate runs in Middleburg, Virginia and the Kentucky Horse Park, the highlight of our Eventing career was indeed competing at the Intermediate 2 Star division at the Radnor Hunt International 3-Day Event.

After Radnor, Stranger was old enough to retire, which he did. He lived out his days at Fox Run Farm and taught countless students, young and old, to ride and jump and to enjoy the passion of cross country and jumping.  


I have been fortunate enough to have had many wonderful equine partners at Fox Run Farm.   My Dominique was a little 3rd level Rhineland warmblood with a tremendous amount of talent and the personality of a comedian.  Rickey was an Intermediate level event horse, an Australian Thoroughbred who moved like an FEI dressage horse and who I imported from Australia.  Quincy, my faithful school horse whom I owned for 20 years, was a legendary teacher whom everyone adored.  Max, a 17 hand Thoroughbred, my retired dressage horse, was the darling of the barn as a school horse due to his kind heart and patient personality.  Bonwell, a retired race horse, was a comedian who stole everyone's heart.  Now we have our resident comic, Curly, son of Curlin, who is a retired pony horse and everyone's favorite. And there have been countless others who have touched the hearts of myself and my students at Fox Run Farm.  

Despite the joys of competing, which I truly love, I also love to teach and share the knowledge I have gained with others who also love horses.  I have had the privilege of teaching many, many students and also training, buying and selling countless horses.  I really enjoy matching owners and horses and finding that special partnership.  I always have a few special horses for sale. Passing on the flame, Fox Run Farm has hosted  and continues to hold countless Pony Camps, Adult Camps, clinics and horse shows. 

Throughout the years, I have learned so much from so many others and from all types  and levels of horses.   Although the horse world is filled with hard work, long hours, disappointment, heartache, falls and large doses of humble pie, it has also offered a life-time of friendships, equine love affairs, heart stopping moments, thrills, beautiful people and horses and experiences that cannot be fully or adequately described or explained.  Watching the light bulb go on in a student's head, flying over a fence that you once thought impossible, feeling the wonder of piaffe or passage, hearing your horses nicker at you when you walk in the barn and sharing quiet moments with friends - equine and human - well, only a horse person would understand. 

I also retired from the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice after nearly 30 years of working with delinquent kids and their families.  It was a privilege to work with these kids and I miss them dearly.  However, I continue to stay busy with the farm and my retail store - The Fox's Den Gallery & Gifts. I am also an independent retailer for LuLaRoe clothing.  In the spare time I don't seem to have , I love to spend time with my Australian Shepherd, Roo and Australian Terrier, Ozzie.   

For the many joys and opportunities I have been given,  I have God to thank.  He continues to bless me and Fox Run Farm daily - may He also bless and keep you!





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